About us

Our origin dates back to the olden days. We stepped in the kidswear business a long time ago and garnered experience and tricks of the trade.We hail from the country of Fashion and it is in our blood. Now it is time for a new venture and we present to you Woopeye, combining our expertise and the Italian genes.At Woopeye we want to make your shopping experience as real and comfortable as it can get.For this we hand pick each of the item based on the knowledge of the products and the people working behind the brands.For us the comfort of the child is of utmost importance and extreme care is taken to choose fabrics soft and generous to the skin of the kid.We offer you assurance, trust and a warm assistance through your journey. Whenever in doubt we will be available for any queries through the hours. We envision ourselves to become a small community sharing knowledge and suggestions for the betterment of the new generation.

Our Team

After spending years advising other people what to buy, now she is moving to the other side of the table. In these 15 years of her career in kids fashion her company has collaborated with a long list of designers, from Paul Smith, Fiorucci to crazy creative people like Walter Vou Bierendock. She has travelled well and picked brands from all around the world.

Olivia, Webdesign & Stylist
After graduating she started her career working with Carla Sozzani in the most renowned concept store of Milan. For the past 4 years she has been working on kids styling, visual aesthetics for webpages and the social media. She instils the young vibe in the organisation and is constantly coming up with fresh ideas for Woopeye.

Gina, Community builder
A hybrid of designer and marketeer, she graduated from Domus Academy after working as a designer for both men and women. Now she is taking up a new challenge of building a community for the web, sharing knowledge and helpful suggestions and also being a friend available for all the customers in doubt or having a query.