Lemon Sorbet

Looking for an healthy fresh and summerish dessert?
The lemon sorbet is a great classic, it is also easy to prepare, and you can do it a day in advance, or even prepare a few more to keep in the freezer. The recipe calls for the use of large lemons, like those found in Ischia or the Amalfi coast, but if you think that as a single serving is too much, just be creative and use glasses of all sizes and shapes, or use small lemons as containers, but it's important that the pulp is of untreated and tasty lemons, as narturals as possible.

6 large untreated lemons
250g caster sugar
200 ml of lemon juice
3 lemons, only the peel, cut into small pieces
½ egg white
Preparation time 25 minutes plus freezing time

Wash the lemons carefully, brushing them under running water. My mom always use the baking soda to wash fruits. Pat dry. Then cut the cap and with a melon baller or spoon, empty them of the pulp without touching the white part of the rind. Transfer them in the refrigerator.
In a saucepan pour 450 ml of water, the sugar and the pulp of the lemons. Put on the fire until the sugar is completely melted, turn it off and let cool completely (about an hour).
Strain the mixture and stir very gently beaten egg white until stiff. You must be careful not to remove the compound. Add zest pieces and place in the freezer in a glass or a metal bowl. I usually leave it at least 6 hours. Then fill the empty1 lemons, close them with the cap, brush them with cold water several times and put them back in the freezer. When they're iced serve